Founder of Khiasi

My job in the fashion industry was high stress with lots of long-haul trips from my home in New York to Europe and Asia, and it began to take a toll on my health. Between airports and hotels, I struggled to find healthy food options and I was often sick because my body wasn’t getting good nourishment.  It got to a point where almost every month, I was getting so sick that would knock me out for days - my doctor would prescribe the usual round of antibiotics.  I also developed hormonal acne, no matter how

many products I put on my skin, the acne didn’t go away.  Seeing my skin get so bad also took a toll my self-esteem.  Every round of antibiotics & synthetic hormones, made me feel worse than I was already feeling – not to mention the cost!  So I decided to look into plant-based alternatives.

I began taking supplements and noting how they made me feel. I educated myself on the properties and benefits of each supplement and gradually built a recipe that kicked my health issues:  Probiotics and prebiotics helped heal my gut, ginger for energy, turmeric is anti-inflammatory, leafy greens to alkalize my body, milk thistle to cleanse my liver, berries as antioxidants, aloe vera for its healing properties, biotin and Vitamin E for skin, hair & nails and other fruits & veggies for carotenoids and vitamins.

I wanted it in powder form to be mixed into a drink, to create a ritual and a moment of mindfulness.

I started to see a huge difference. I stopped getting sick and my skin began to clear. My energy levels were elevated, and I started to feel great about myself.  The problem I now faced, was every morning I took 15 different capsules, and became really tough to manage.  So it came to me; I needed all those elements in one convenient & travel friendly product. That’s how Khiasi® was born.

Together with my husband Nic, we teamed up with Alex, a food engineer to develop our flagship product - Khiasi Beauty Superfood.  I wanted it in powder form to be mixed into a drink, to create a ritual and a moment of mindfulness, and not just a capsule that you pop in your mouth.  For that reason, flavor was a big thing.  I knew I didn’t want sugars, sweeteners or flavorings, it had to come from the natural ingredients.  


A lot of love and thought went into creating Khiasi Beauty Superfood. We are so proud of the product we’ve created, and it’s delicious! Very mild, almost like a fruit tea, but with a little kick from the turmeric and ginger.

I truly believe beauty starts from below the surface.  Feeling good inside empowers you to be your absolute best in life!

Forming Khiasi on the streets of NYC.
The early days of taste testing
Manufacturing the first batch!
Team shot celebrating Khiasi's launch 2019


What we believe...

Khiasi was born from the belief that nutrition has a lasting effect on health and beauty.  Our team - passionate about wellness, has the simple mission to create quality products based on natural ingredients, helping you to always look your best, by feeling great - inside and out.


There's always someone who's been in your shoes before.  I'm here to share my experiences, and this is a forum where you're free to as well.


We are creating a community based on self esteem building - feeling good about yourself above all is our core philosophy to leading an enjoyable and successful life.


We believe in positivity outweighing the negativity.  We aim to focus solely on positive betterment.


Everyone is welcome!


These are the everyday experiences we all face.  We talk about things that happen to each and every one of us.




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